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Religious Statue

Services Of Christo Province

 Faith Formation 


"A joyful heart is life itself and rejoicing lengthens one's life span"(Sir: 30/22).Faith Formation is an inseparable part of the building up of the Kingdom of God.taking the inspiration from our founder fathers sisters offer their whole heartedly work for the spreading the Kingdom of God.

Education is not just a profession but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of our church (const. No.97).


Study Group

Healing Ministry

Grandma's Healing Touch

"Wellness is a connection of paths, knowledge and action"  .        Christo Province take initiative to give knowledge about good practices of health and overcome the disease conditions of the peoples by conducting medical camp, health education in defferent topics such as prevension of HIV,AIDS, Hygien, communicabible diseases, ....etc         

The Social Work Mission is to empowering rurel and urben communities perticularly women and children by efficiant and sustainable use of local resourses leading them to integral development.


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