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The Time Has Com; The Kingdom of God  Is At  Hand. Change You Ways And Believe The God News.                                                                                       -Mark1:15

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Christo Province Indore Welcomes you

Sr. Sajeeva CMC
Provincial Superior

CMC Christo Province, Indore welcomes you to the Christo Website. Today, our life will remain incomplete without media and communication. Pope Francis says, ‘We need media capable of building bridges, defending life and breaking down the walls, visible and invisible , that can help people, especially the young to distinguish good from evil, to develop sound judgements based on a clear and unbiased presentation of the facts , and to understand the importance of social concord and respect of our common home.’Our website provides a glimpse of the work we do to promote the Gospel values in the modern society. Recognizing the pioneering efforts of our founder  fathers in this field, we follow up and expand their initiatives attaching great importance to the media of mass communication that are potent means for the dissemination of the good news of salvation and also for the Christian transformation of the genuine values of the world. We aspire your support and communion with us. May our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of Mt. Carmel and all the Carmelite saints continue to protect and bless us in our mission. 

St Kuriakose Elias Chavara

St Kuriakose Elias Chavara was the recognised leader of the people of God of his time. He was a visionary who integrated contemplation and action harmoniously in his life. Adorned with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, this man of God led a holy life preserving the baptismal grace all the while, and thus became a beautiful lamp and mirror not only for us but also for all the Christians of Kerala. 

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29 Dec 2021

mary matha 4.jpg

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